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Welcome to The Code-X Station, your one stop shop for all things Code-X!

Get some merch, meet the team, and so much more!

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Who? The what now?

Welcome to The Code-X Station!

Where we talk all things comics!

We've got something for everybody! Join us LIVE for the CODE-X PODCAST, AFTER DARK, and COMIC CHARACTER OF THE WEEK for the latest in comic news, books of the week, and showcasing characters we love in the comic format!

We've also got weekly CODE-X REVIEWS for comics and pop culture and our show DECODING PANELS for epic comic storytelling. Our show ON THE SPOT showcases comic shops from around the country! We interview creators on ONE-SHOT and go LIVE with them as well! Don't forget our MAIL CALLS and so much more!

Join Jamie, Sonny, Tim, Sal, Dan, Kevin, Wes, Kristen, and Uncle Gary each week, right here, on The Code-X Station, where we love heroes, and YOU are a hero!

LIVE Program Schedule! All times EST!

The Code-X Podcast:

Wednesdays at 7pm

Comic Character of the Week:

Thursdays at 9pm

After Dark; Comics.. Unleashed!!:

Saturdays at 11pm

Upcoming Events!

Code-X Interview with Tony Fleecs

Dan and Sonny Top 10 - Members only

5/23/24 - CCotW will have a special guest:

See a calendar view here:

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Episode 112: All Hail Doom!

Latest Interviews and "On The Spot"

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Uncle Gary and the

Library of Comics

PRESSING and CGC Submission with Comic Hubb

Latest Comic Book Reviews

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Marvel Comics Avengers Inc. #1-5


Incredible World War II Encounter: American Hero Escapes Tiger's Deadly Aim!


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